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1). 内置高配置工控機,進口15英寸真彩大液晶觸摸屏操作,測試無需外接任何輔助設備,全自動控制,傻瓜式操作,快捷、簡單、方便:
2). 帶有自動穩流系統,配有USB、R485、R232多種接口,輕松外挂U盤、打印機等多種設備。可遠距離傳輸遠程控制端操作運行。
5). 設有電流、溫度 zui低值和zui高值,具有超過限定值自動報警功能。具有可靠的過流、過壓、過熱及短路等各種自我保護功能。
6). 配有精度調整菜單,用戶可自行調整誤差值。
9). 可根據用戶要求定制測試模塊,軟件終身免費升級
電源輸入: AC 380/220V±10% 50Hz 。
◆ 長時間輸出0~500A電流。
◆ 即可三相平衡輸出0―500A交流大電流;即可三相同時輸出也可每相單獨輸出。電流輸出可多級任意設定組合并機輸出。
◆ 出口電壓:0-1V-2V-4V-6V-8V-10V-12V-24V自動選擇組合.
◆ 各電流均可平滑平穩連續可調,精度0.2級;輸出電流是标準正弦波,毛刺微小,優于電力系統要求指标标準,紋波系數小于3%。各相相交角度120度。
電流波形失真 THD 1% 設計标準遠遠高于國标《GB14048.2-14》。
保護設置: 過流、過壓
◆ 溫度:0-300℃ 精度 0.1℃度
Temperature rise of dedicated current source Scope: 
For busbar, circuit breakers, current transformers, transformers, switchgear, cables, connectors, and other electrical equipment rail temperature rise test and the current load test. 
1 Features: 
1) Built-high configuration IPC, imports 15 inches large TFT LCD touch-screen operation, the test without any external auxiliary equipment, automatic control, fool-operation, fast, simple and convenient: 
2). Steady flow with an automatic system, equipped with USB, R485, R232 variety of interfaces, easy plug U disk, printers and other equipment. Long-distance transmission remote control terminal operation and running. 
3). Uses the most current power electronics technology, imported high-precision sensors, anti-interference ability, high output accuracy up to 0.2 
4). Simply set the target current without the need of manual controls, just set the test voltage, current and step length, eliminating the need for manual pressure regulator, manual recording, depicting curves tedious labor, reduce labor intensity and improve working efficiency. After work can also be viewed on a computer the data can be read. 
5) Includes current, temperature, lowest and highest values, exceeding the limit value has automatic alarm function. With reliable overcurrent, overvoltage, overheating and short circuit, and other self-protection. 
6). Equipped with precision adjustment menu, the user can adjust the error. 
7) User-friendly interface, the software user-friendly, full-featured, easy to complete verification work, with current, temperature recorded wave analysis functions, and the current, temperature waveform storage, more intuitive analysis of current versus temperature values. All data and analysis of the test results at a glance. 
8) can be displayed throughout the three-phase current curve, up to 120-channel temperature (based on customer selected) curve. Available with micro-printer, you can always print the scene graph and test data. 
9) can be customized according to user requirements test modules, software free upgrades for life 

Temperature rise of dedicated current source 2 main technical parameters: 
Power Input: AC 380/220V ± 10% 50Hz. 
◆ long output 0 ~ 50000A current. 
Current accuracy: 0.2. 
◆ to three phase output 0-50000A AC high current; while the output phase can also be output separay for each phase. Current output can be set arbitrarily combined and multi-level machine output. 
◆ outlet voltage :0-1V-2V-4V-6V-8V-10V-12V-24V automatically selected combinations. 
◆ The current can be smooth and steady continuously adjustable, precision 0.2; output current is the standard sine wave, tiny glitches, power system requirements than standard indicators, the ripple factor is less than 3%. Intersect each phase angle of 120 degrees. 
Current waveform distortion THD 1% design standards far higher than the national standard "GB14048.2-14". 
Protection settings: overcurrent, overvoltage 
◆ Temperature :0-300 ℃ Accuracy 0.1 ℃ degrees 
Time setting range: 0.001S - 9999999.999S, accuracy: 0.001S.


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